IBAMar is a regional database that puts together all the physical and biochemical data provided by multiparametric probes and water sample analysis taken during the cruises managed by the Balearic Oceanographic Center of the Instituto Español de Oceanografía (COB-IEO) during the last four decades. Initially, it integrated data from hydrographic profiles obtained from CTDs (conductivity, temperature, depth) equipped with several sensors, but it has been recently extended to incorporate data obtained with hydrocasts using oceanographic Niskin or Nansen bottles. The result is an extensive regional resource database that includies physical hydrographic data such as temperature (T), salinity (S), dissolved oxygen (DO), fluorescence, and turbidity, as well as biochemical data, specifically dissolved inorganic nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, and silicate) and chlorophyll-a. Different technologies and methodologies were used by independent teams during the four decades of data sampling. However in the IBAMar database, data have been reprocessed using the same protocols and a standard quality control (QC) methodology has been applied to each variable. The result is a homogeneous and quality-controlled data. IBAMar database at standard levels is freely available for exploration and download from


Map showing the location of oceanographic stations include in IBAMar database, both CTD and bottle casts

A detailed description of the database can be found in the paper “IBAMar DATABASE: four decades sampling on the Western Mediterranean Sea”, that is published at Data Science Journal.

If you make any use of the Ibamar database please, cite us including:

Lopez-Jurado, J., Aparicio-González, A., Balbín, R., Alonso, J. C., Amengual, B., Jansá, J., García, M. C., Moyá, F., Santiago, R., Serra, M., and Vargas-Yáñez, M. IBAMar DATABASE: 4 decades sampling on the Western Mediterranean Sea. Instituto Español de Oceanografía. and, April 2014.

Aparicio-González, A., López-Jurado, J. L., Balbín, R., Alonso, J. C., Amengual, B., Jansá, J., García, M. C., Moyá, F., Santiago, R., Serra, M., and Vargas-Yáñez, M. Ibamar database: Four decades of sampling on the western mediterranean sea. Data Science Journal 13 (2015), 172-191.


IBAMar at SL

Before downloading the database at the standard levels in ODV format, please register as IBAMar user in order to permit us to follow the potential number of users (what will help us to justify the effort inverted in this project). Please, include also a comment about your interests and area of research. Finally, if you register, we will be able to inform you any time that there is a data actualization. We will wellcome any comment you can make to improve IBAMar database.

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